Plastic Polluted Ocean

We all know that reducing use of plastic and recycling is important, but the reality can be hard to achieve. Below are five top tips which we believe can make a significant difference. 

1. Carry an empty water bottle

(Many shops will be happy to fill it for you) 

Blue Water Bottle

2. Only buy loose produce

(If nobody purchased fruit and vegetables in plastic wrapping the shops would stop stocking them)

Fruit Market

3. Ask questions

(Be a nuisance. Every time you buy liquid soap or shampoo, ask whether it contains plastic before you buy)

Liquid Shampoo

4. Give back the packaging (Unwrap the plastic and politely return it to the seller after purchase) 

5. Chop and share

(Why not help out busy working parents by slicing up large quantities of veg and sharing them around)