The Magic of Christmas by Claire Baldry

Girl and Cat

A girl, aged fourteen, with a can full of pop,

And her nails painted green, stands and watches a shop,

As they change the display, add some bright festive trees,

But she’s filled with dismay she no longer believes


Her sad acned skin hides a miserable frown

For the magic of Christmas has begun to fall down

She stares at the glass, and gulps up her Fanta,

While she longs for the past and the comfort of Santa


On the floor she spies toys and a bright sparkly light,

Gifts for good girls and boys which will no doubt excite,

Spots a little grey teddy in the corner alone

Half unstitched and unsteady so she pulls out her phone


Takes a photo and shouts to her Mum through the air

“I was wondering if you’d kindly purchase this bear,

As a present for me, a pretended surprise”

But the mother just laughs with a roll of her eyes


“That’s absurd, you’re fourteen, you like make-up and boys,

I don’t want to sound mean, but you’ve grown out of toys”

They walk on through the town with the girl’s head hung low

She feels a bit down that her Mum has said ‘no’


Doesn’t notice a figure in red with a beard

Crimson hood round his head by her side has appeared

Wander off to the store with a half empty case

And returns through the door with a grin on his face 


Some days later the mother goes back to the store

She asks, but the teddy’s not there anymore,

Discards the idea, nothing else seems fantastic,

Buys her daughter mascara with contactless plastic


Christmas morning arrives, and the daughter sleeps on,

Not much point getting up now the magic has gone

But in time she emerges, begins the unwrapping

Of mascara and slippers and eye shadow blacking


Grasps the last parcel, gives the paper a tear,

Blinks her watery eyes at the half-stitched grey bear

She gasps and then sighs, gives her mother a kiss

But it’s Mum who’s surprised, as she didn’t do this


But the man dressed in red shouts “Ho Ho” from his sleigh

Magic’s not dead on this bright Christmas Day.

Soft Teddy
Wrapped Gift

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