Guidance for authors who wish to submit one of their novels to the Autumn Chickens Book Shelves

'Autumn Chickens' is a magazine style website which is intended to appeal to book loving people in mid-life and beyond. There is also a facebook group and page which are linked to the website. At present the site has six digital bookshelves which we actively promote.

If you are a writer and are considering submitting one of your novels to be included in Book Shelf 7, please follow the guidelines below. 


  1. We accept both self-published and traditionally published novels, but all submitted works must demonstrate a professional standard of editing and presentation. This will be checked from the ‘Look Inside’ sample on Amazon kindle. Books submitted must also be published (not on pre-order).

  2. Novels should include relevant themes such as second chances, late life career changes, adjusting to mid-life or retirement, bereavement, or love in later life, and at least some of the content of your book is likely to reflect the perspective of the more mature characters. We will not accept books containing outdated stereo-types of ‘older’ characters Your submission MUST include a clear explanation as to how your book fits with one or more of these themes.

  3. There is NO fee charged for inclusion on the website, but please remember this is a ‘not for profit’ project run as a hobby on a voluntary basis. The unpaid site editor does not appreciate receiving repeated messages asking when or if an author’s book will appear on the website.

  4. Please only submit your book on the published submission days, and use the email address below, otherwise your submission is likely to get lost.

  5. Priority will be given to writers who contribute articles to the Autumn Chickens website and are active participants in the facebook group.  



Include your book cover, a brief bit of ‘blurb’ (such as found on the back cover), the Amazon link and a short explanation as to how your book fits with section 2 of the submission guidelines. We aim to respond within 4 weeks, but things do occasionally take longer.