Fresh Pasta Linguine with Dill and Veget

Autumn Chicken with Pasta

This easy to prepare recipe is a suggestion for using up leftovers from your fridge and garden which may be available in the Autumn. Where included, suggested quantities are for two people.


Cooked bitesize pieces of chicken (two portions)

A small amount of cooked chopped bacon or ham (streaky bacon is ideal)

One large sliced onion

6 -12 cherry tomatoes or 2 larger sliced tomatoes

1 sliced red pepper 

2 portions of pasta of your choice (We suggest fresh long spaghetti)

A little olive oil and garlic 


Fry the onion and red pepper on a low heat in a small quantity of olive oil stirring occasionally until soft. Add the tomatoes and continue stirring for a further five minutes. Leave to simmer with a lid on the frying pan.

Cook the pasta to your own preference, and drain. Add pasta to the frying pan with the chicken and bacon. Add garlic to taste, and a little more olive oil if preferred. Stir well and leave to simmer for a further 10 minutes stirring occasionally. Turn off the heat and leave pan with lid on to stay warm until you wish to serve.