Can you solve these cryptic clues? All the answers are well known proverbs or sayings. The answers will are posted here.

1. Dawn aves member gets vermes member


2. Unpleasant soup could be the fault of an excess of Jamie Olivers


3. Not being here has an endearing impact on the cardiac muscular organ


4. Doing makes more verbal noise than just saying


5. No bubbles in an observed pan


6. Ablutions adjacent to deity


7. Stop keeping score of the eggs


8. No need to repair the unmended


9. Response to humour tops the pharmaceutical chart


10. That lawn over there has more colour


11. Greenhouse residents are advised not to chuck pebbles


12. Similar to pater, similar to male offspring


13. Rise and latest US presidents


14. New life appears sucking a sterling stirrer


15. Idiots are in a hurry