Cryptic clues which all refer in some way to the sea

The Answers 

  1. Regal chess piece with extra letter    King Prawn

  2. Helps to keep perfect pitch we hear    Tuna

  3. Shaft of light which hurts    Sting Ray

  4. Move easily on ice     Skate

  5. Arachnid brachyura      Spider Crab

  6. Formal wear in the rain    Wet Suit

  7. Could be a place to hang a urine store we hear  Bladder Wrack  

  8. Elephant parts doing butterfly?   Swimming Trunks

  9. Coleridge Bird of Doom   Albatross

  10. Single Chicken Pox Strain    Shingle

  11. Stevie’s alternative to waving   Drowning

  12. Initially pay when the parcel arrives    Cod

  13. The red variety can be very distracting    Herring

  14. Sounds like fastened with string   Tide

  15. A TV station spoken only in our first language?   The English Channel