Cryptic clues which all refer to UK TV comedy programmes

 The answers 


1. The end of the season’s vino

Last of the Summer Wine

2. Idiots and stallions exclusively included

Only Fools and Horses

3. Less than two units of a measure of length interred

One Foot in the Grave

4. Fighting squad which belonged to my father

Dad's Army

5. Half of four, we hear, added to a posh residence and once pregnancy ends

To the Manor Born

6. This snake is definitely not white

The Black Adder

7. Male haricot?

Mr Bean

8. Doubled angel headgear with dropped Hs but extra Ls

Allo Allo

9. Negative non-standard grammar tells maternal figure about a fraction and high temperature

It ain't half hot Mum

10. Rarely closed

Open All Hours

11. The moisture is travelling upwards

Rising Damp

12. Rung and part of foot with male offspring

Steptoe and Son

13. Word of agreement with Gove?

Yes Minister

14. Ashes emerging bird with round table occupants, we hear

Phoenix Nights

15. Less than two and a half juveniles

2point4 Children