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Book Shelf Two

Because we never stop reading...

2 Displacement.jpg

"At the heart of Displacement is a slow-burn, mature love story....... "

Up a Gum Tree

2Another You.jpg

"Skilfully written and kept me guessing right to the end."

Susanna Bavin


"A wonderful story about starting over, new beginnings, the affirming power of love and the ties of sisterhood." 

Single Titles


"A masterpiece of historical fiction"

Books of all kinds.


"This is a compelling and thought provoking story with very believable characters."

Claire B


"I thoroughly enjoyed escaping into the easy, quick read."

Splash Into Books


"This is a wonderful read. An aching tale of loss, friendship, the permanence of the past ..."

Matthew H.

Home C.jpg

"Christine Campbell writes from a heart of gold to the hearts and souls of us all."

CJ Heck


"A murder mystery within a love story. Just fabulous. "

Julie Young


"Haven't we all considered changing our lives at some point?"

Amazon User


"If you want something not too serious this is for you. It will make you want to go down to the south of France"

Sandra Ashworth


"A charming, leisurely tale, beautifully written" 

J L Bwye