Christmas Visitors 

by Claire Baldry

Christmas Dinner

It’s eight in the morning,
Ring, ring goes the phone,
“You’d better come quickly,
It’s our Auntie Joan”

“Hello there, my darling,
Are you busy at all?
Uncle Bob’s on the mend,
So I thought I would call.

You remember last year,
When you said that you missed us?
We’re putting that right,
We are coming for Christmas

Don’t go to no trouble,
Seeing you is what matters,
Just a nice bit o’ turkey
And a few roasted tatters

No cranberry sauce,
We would much prefer mustard,
And served with our pud’
We’ll be happy with custard

Can we bring Uncle Fred
And his poor sister, Mabel?
Their dogs are no trouble
Eating scraps from the table

As for sprouts, I can tell you,
It’s best if you fry them,
Uncle George will come then,
For he does like to try them

Have you room in your kitchen?
Should we bring extra chairs?
You won’t mind, after dinner,
If George sleeps upstairs?

So lovely to talk, dear,
There are tears in my eyes,
That you phoned to invite us,
Such a lovely surprise”

This amusing poem was written by our website editor, Claire Baldry. To find out more about Claire's novels and poetry books click on the covers below or visit her website

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