A Book for every Sign of the Zodiac

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We asked some of the author members from our facegroup to suggest a star sign for one of their books. This is what they came up with... 


Website editor and novelist Claire Baldry has chosen Aires for her novel 'My Daughter's Wedding'. She explains this choice is because of the bride, Charlotte. She definitely shows traits of an Aries expressing strong opinions with the need to be number-one. 


Paula Harmon found a selection of Taurus traits in the two main female characters in her novel 'Murder Britannica'. She says both are definitely stubborn and persistent though one is definitely more hardworking than the other!


Linda Gillard suggested her novel 'A Lifetime Burning' for Gemini. It is about a pair of twins from birth to middle age when the female twin dies in unusual circumstances. Sounds like a perfect match!


US Writer Linda Robinson Brendle suggested Cancer for her autobiographical book 'A Long and Winding Road. Why? Because her Dad was sometimes crabby!

Linda RB.jpg

Author, Patricia Feinberg Stoner, suggested Leo for her book 'At Home in Pay's d'Oc'. She said "I checked on star signs, and it seems Leo is the sign for Syrah which is one of the grapes of the Languedoc. 'At home in the Pays d'Oc' is set in the Languedoc so it fits"


Author Carmen Radtke said " 'A Matter of Love and Death' is definitely a Virgo, thanks to Frances" Guess we need to read the book to discover what she means! 


Novelist Jessica Norrie explains that 'The Magic Carpet, takes place from mid September to mid October, and the characters in it have to find the right balance for their community to stay on an even keel. Definitely a match for Libra.

Magic carpet ecover.jpg

Writer Val Portelli explains..."Typical traits of Scorpio are passionate, assertive, resourceful and brave. On the other hand, they can be violent and jealous. I didn’t know this when I wrote ‘Story of a Country boy,’ but it’s the perfect description for the main character ‘TJ.’"


Anne Stormont said "Displacement is a good fit for Sagittarius which encompasses a liking for travel and exploring other cultures and is open to change. Curiosity and an open-minded attitude are also Sagittarius characteristics, and this also fits with Rachel's outlook."


Val Portelli, author of ' Summer Changes Winter Tears' explains that Capricorns are skilled negotiators in both material and emotional stakes. As natural leaders, they focus on taking action.' This is the perfect description for Reno from 'Changes' who is an astute businessman, when his heart is set on something, or someone, he's out to win.



US author Barbara Quinn chose Aquarius for her novel 'The Summer Springsteen's Songs Saved Me'. It is set in a beach town on the Jersey Shore and many of the scenes involve water and the healing ability of salt water. 


Linda Macdonald chose 'The Man in the Needlecord Jacket' for Pisces because "He likes fish. He’s a Piscean." She said "Beware the Pisces male because 'they are prone to dithering'. Sarah did not take heed".

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