Are you an Autumn Chicken?


The Autumn Chickens website was launched in October 2019, as a ‘magazine style’ progression from the Books For Older Readers website (BFOR). We are delighted to encourage visitors of all ages and persuasions to our website, but if you recognise yourself in some or all of the profile below, then this site is predominantly aimed at you.

  1. You are likely to be in mid-life or beyond and enjoying, or looking forward to, an active retirement.

Archaeological Dig

2. If you are retired, you keep busy. You love making new discoveries. You enjoy giving back to the community.

3. You probably read widely, though not as much as you would like, because you are so busy!

Chicken book.jpg

4. We don’t do party politics on the Autumn Chickens website, so you could hold a wide variety of political views, but we do try to appeal to people who ask questions, before making up their mind. You are probably an independent thinker and not easily swayed by tabloid reporting.


5. You occasionally indulge in a bit of nostalgia, but you prefer to look forwards.

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be...

6. You care about our planet and the heritage which we will leave to future generations.

World Peace

7. You try to keep your brain and body active. You believe it is never too late to learn new things.


8. Despite your thoughtful approach to life, you have a great sense of fun. You believe in the tonic of laughter and don’t take yourself too seriously.